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Alberta College of PHysicians and Surgeons holding virtual town hall
By Brittany Willsie 
Staff Reporter 

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) is holding a virtual town hall on Tuesday, July 20. Information gathered will be used to make recommendations about physician care and practices within Alberta. 
Three engagement sessions will take place throughout the day, including one with local health-care partners in the morning, one with local physicians at noon and one with the general public in the evening.
All community members are welcome to attend the 7 p.m. virtual event.
“We invite any members of the community to come and share their experiences with us. The town hall is really focused around physician care because we are the regulator for physicians,” explained Jessica McPhee, CPSA director of communications.
While engaging with Rocky Mountain House, CPSA will be joined by members of the Rural Health Professions Action Plan, who work to directly support and retain rural health-care professionals. 
McPhee said they visit communities yearly to host town hall engagement sessions. This year, CPSA is engaging with four communities for their regional tour and Rocky is the first. 
“The purpose of the town hall is really about listening and learning about physician care in the communities that we visit,” McPhee said.
“We learn a lot about what we could do to better support physicians in the community and oftentimes, at the public meetings, we hear all sorts of different comments, some relating to our area of responsibility in the health-care system and some outside of our area.”
Comments that fall within CPSA’s realm, like patient care, can be tackled directly by CPSA. 
“If someone was having questions about the care they were receiving from their physician, we would take that information and potentially communicate that back to physicians, or look at how we could potentially adjust our standards of practice to make a better patient experience,” McPhee stated.
Feedback from physicians directly can also lead to changes. In 2019, physicians from High Level provided feedback on prescribing reports completed by CPSA. The physicians outlined how they use their reports and CPSA was able to take that information and make the reports more approachable to better suit the needs of physicians. 
Comments outside of CPSA’s realm in the health-care system, like those related to nursing or other areas, are shared with their partners.