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Sydney Graham
Division 2 - Clearwater County

Hello! My name is Sydney Graham (Jones). I’m so pleased to introduce myself to you as a candidate for Division 2 councillor. I was raised as a fifth generation farmer here in Clearwater County. My roots are deep in this county, and agriculture has been at the core of my upbringing. I watched first hand the struggles of hard working farmers like my grandfather, Gerald Kujala. Folks who not only work the land, and care for their families, but always make time to give back to the community through their service. His example inspires me to put myself forward to represent the hard-working families of our region. 
As our county struggles with budget decisions, competing interests and investment needs, we must foster more successful relationships with our community members, inter-municipal and provincial partners, to ensure we achieve outcomes in the best interest of the people who live and work in Clearwater County now, and for years to come. As a councillor, I would want to set budget and policy priorities in accordance to what residents in our county want. It is of the utmost importance to listen to our residents as they are who we are elected to serve.
After graduation from high school, I actually worked for a variety of departments at the county. I now work alongside my husband with my Class 1 licence in our small gravel trucking company. From infrastructure, to rural security, inter-municipal relations to smart spending decisions, I will work to ensure that Clearwater County better serves us all.
A current concern that we are facing is the pandemic. I believe that it should be left up to the businesses owners whether or not they choose to close their business or close it to certain people. We are all frustrated and confused by information we are receiving. Some people have lost, or almost lost, loved ones and some people don’t know anyone who has had COVID. We need to respect each other and each other’s experiences and do what is best for everyone. 
I ask for you to entrust me with your vote, so that I may deliver for you the collaborative, common sense, future facing decisions Clearwater County needs for people, agriculture and business to thrive now and for years to come. 
Please reach out at sydney99jones@gmail.com or Facebook; Sydney Graham, Division 2 Council Candidate.