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Daryl Lougheed
Division 3 - Clearwater County

It has been an honour to serve the community as county councillor for Division 3 over the last four years.  Building community together continues to be the focus of my platform. Listening to each other, working together and positively solving problems is essential to the growth of our county. 
My family has a long tradition of service to community. My family have been residents in this area since the 1930s with roots in agriculture, small business and education. Community building was central to their life. I have tried to follow their example by being of service to community and our county. Currently, I operate the family’s farm at Condor along with my wife Penni and my daughter Grace.  
I have been actively involved for nearly 40 years with various community and regional groups including Condor Community Centre, Condor Sports Council, David Thompson Recreation Board and Clearwater Regional Fire Service. I have spent my entire life in this region except for the years I was enrolled in post secondary education and employment in the satellite communication industry. I have taken an active leadership role in community projects including sports and recreational facilities and promoting a safe community through the fire service. 
In response to the current pandemic, it has become increasingly evident that connectivity is essential to business, education, and the well being of our families. We need to increase our efforts to improve that connectivity as we walk the path of recovery. We need to redefine our economic development strategies and promote future growth. We need to continue to hold the line on tax increases and allow our community to follow a path of healing. 
It is my goal to continue to work collaboratively with community, neighbouring municipalities, and other levels of government. My experience has helped me represent the residents of Division 3 in Clearwater County.
Our job as councillors is to responsibly build effective community infrastructure for now and for future generations. I have been honoured by the trust given to me to be your voice on Clearwater County Council. I ask for your continued support and on Oct. 18 make your voice heard. Please vote. I encourage you to contact me at 403-348-9971 or lougheeddaryl@gmail.com to share your vision.