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Jordan Northcott
Division 4 - Clearwater County

My name is Jordon Northcott and I would like to introduce myself as a potential county councillor representing Division 4 in Clearwater County.
Like many of my neighbours, I am a proud rural Albertan, with deep agricultural roots established almost a century ago when my grandfather established a homestead on land in the Caroline area, which my family continues to farm to this day. I spent my formative years working on my family’s 40 head dairy farm, participating in dairy 4-H clubs and exploring personal interests like karate, during which I was the recipient of several awards. I was also vice president of the Caroline High School, graduating in 1998 and by the age of 23, I had purchased my first quarter of land, where I continue to foster my family’s legacy by raising my children in this community.
In addition to my passion for farming, I attended Red Deer College where I obtained my Journeyman Steam Fitter/Pipe Fitter and Class II, Red Seal Gas Fitter Certifications, in addition to an industrial herbicide applicator’s licence. Like so many of my classmates, rural neighbours and friends, I have a diverse employment history including heavy equipment operation, Class 1 driver and spent over 20 years working in Alberta’s oil and gas industry, starting out as a labourer and working my way up to foreman with responsibility for a crew of 85, and eventually starting my own consulting business. The previous afforded me the privilege of working for, and contributing to, a number of rural Albertan companies including Bunch Projects, Fairborne and Anderson Energy to name a few, and enabled me to meet with landowners in Rocky Mountain House, Rimbey, Eckville and Spruce View to discuss their concerns and needs regarding pipeline routing.
Since 2004 I have taken the experience I gained through my early employment opportunities and used it within a family-owned and operated reclamation business that strives to support Alberta’s oil and gas industry by lessening the environmental impact through reclamation and remediation, ensuring a better and brighter future for generations to come.
With your votes, I hope to further my contributions to this community as a county councillor who stands for:
Financial responsibility and accountability of taxpayer dollars.
Honest and ethical public service that is free from personal agendas.
Respect for the hard work of previous generations and a commitment to continue that work by preserving our beautiful county.
Sustainability of programs and funding for enforcement rules and regulations.
Optimizing areas of revenue for the county.
Reducing unnecessary red tape and streamlining regulatory processes.
Establishing clear lines of communication ensuring a louder, stronger voice for rural Alberta with our provincial government.
And a commitment to maintain ongoing communication with constituents throughout my term, not just when campaigning.