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Tim Hoven
Division 5 - Clearwater County

I am Tim Hoven and I am running to be the councillor for Division 6.
I have lived in Clearwater County on our family farm for almost all my life. My wife, Lorianne, and our children have been farming full-time since 1996. I am passionate about agriculture and growing healthy soils on our farm. Our farm has been in the family for over 110 years, and we hope to have future generations of the Hoven family continue the farm. 
Preserving Ag Land through the development of the Agriculture Master Plan – An Agriculture Master Plan is a community statement on why we value agriculture and its importance to the county. The Agriculture Master Plan will define the steps needed to preserve the agricultural land within the county. This will give our farms the ability to grow and continue to feed our farm families and will keep residential and industrial development happening in the appropriate places.
Promoting Tourism and Recreation through a Tourism and Recreation Master Plan – With the future twinning of Hwy. 11, the county will see increased pressure from tourists and increased demand for tourism development throughout the county. The county needs to take a proactive stance and explore what residents and businesses want for tourism development and where tourism development is best located. This plan will protect residents from unwanted development in inappropriate locations and will increase the speed of tourism development in the right locations.
No Fibre to the Home Broadband Internet – The county should continue with the current Broadband Backbone Plan and work with local ISPs to improve broadband service throughout the county.  The county will build the backbone and then the local ISPs and other local, independent businesses will deliver the connections to people’s homes.
Open and Transparent Government – The future of the county needs to be decided in open sessions, not behind closed doors.
A Bigger Vision for the future of the region – The reason for the conflict between the town and the county has been the lack of a common vision. The two councils need to define what they want for the lives of ALL people who live within the Clearwater region. It is from this common vision that the town, county and village can lay the foundation for rebuilding of our local economy from the disaster of COVID-19.  
For more info, visit timhoven.com, follow Tim on Facebook and Instagram.