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Nick Frank
Division 5 - Clearwater County

I am Nick Frank. I am seeking election for Division 5 in Clearwater County.
I am formally educated in recreation, tourism, community development, emergency management and public security. Experience in the oil and gas safety industry, and social service sector, including charitable/non-profit development, provide me with a unique set of skills. These skills include conflict resolution, negotiations, and a keen ability to develop meaningful communication and actionable solutions.
Recently, I have supported the volunteers in Nordegg to rebuild the area around the community hall to create an outdoor recreation centre. In addition, through the integration of grants, corporate donations and volunteer support we have been able to provide six bear resistant garbage bins and eight bottle recycling drop-off bins, providing visitors to the area a safe drop off location, while protecting one of the largest tourism assets in Clearwater County.
Using these education and skills gained in the work world, I will promote three priorities focused on balancing existing strong regional approaches with new attention to local strengths and challenges:
first, balancing bureaucracy with service to communities. Foundational to achieving this is a culture of support and open communications;
second, balancing regionalization with community localization. With the issue of development a key approach would be engaging local community advisory groups that know local visions of planning, changes and approvals; and
third, balancing “being in control” with partnering to create opportunity. This will require Clearwater County to be flexible in using assets to support partners, while simultaneously creating new opportunities that benefit residents of Clearwater County.
Clearwater County needs to support alternative local job growth in order to maintain our tax base. In addition to diversifying job development, I am clear that a way must be found to locally serve Clearwater County communities while holding the line on tax increases.
While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect us daily, if elected I would favour targeted supports that can be put in place that grow local business and ensure our communities not only survive, but also succeed post pandemic. Property tax deferral, operational loans, and technical support to develop new business models for continued operation and success are possible. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that we are stronger when united.
“Driven by local involvement and invested in local strengths.”
Contact me by phone: 403-506-7744, email: nickfrankdivision5@gmail.com, website: https://nickfrankdivision5.ca/ or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NickFrankClearwaterCounty.