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JoLynn Bradshaw
Division 7 - Clearwater County

Hello to my community!
I’m JoLynn Bradshaw, and I’m happy to have met many of you over the years. I am seeking election for Clearwater County Division 7 councillor. Having lived in Division 7 for 28 years, I have a heart for the area and the people who live in Clearwater County. My desire is to find out what the people want to see done and how they want their county run. I want to see the knowledge and experience of the people right here in Clearwater County put to work in solving some of the areas of current concern, such as the MDP, and the need for strong Internet to run businesses, accomplish online learning, etc.
In attending meetings and talking to residents, I am hearing great concern for these issues; and if elected I will make it my responsibility to find out how the residents want to proceed, and represent their majority wishes.
Budget considerations always need to answer these two questions, “Is this use of funds best serving the needs of the people in our municipality? If yes, define how as though you are looking into the eyes of the people you represent.”
Concerning the new world we find ourselves in, people want to know their potential representatives’ take on municipal pandemic response and policies. I believe that municipal representatives have the responsibility to provide their constituents with accurate information, and encourage them to act on the advice of their own trusted health care providers. In no way will I assume the position of expert in anyone’s individual medical history or needs.
As an appreciator of music and the arts, I have some ideas for helping to grow and encourage these things in our unique and multi-talented community.
Above all, I want to learn what the wishes of the people in my county and division are, make sure both sides are heard so we make well-informed decisions together, and in the end, represent what the majority decision is.
Thank you to each of you for taking the time to read about all of the candidates for both county and town, and participating in forming your Clearwater County and Town of Rocky Mountain House councils! Let’s see what we can do together! My email: jobradshawdiv7@gmail.com, Facebook: JoLynn Bradshaw for Division 7.
My best to everyone, whatever your path is!