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Regional Governance Study underway

The regional governance study — which includes potential amalgamation — will include public input beginning in mid-February according to a Feb. 8 media release.
On Aug. 5, the Town of Rocky Mountain House announced that it received a grant of $200,000 from the Alberta Community Partnership Program to explore municipal restructuring.
“This grant, awarded by Minister of Municipal Affairs Kaycee Madu, will allow the town to conduct a municipal regional governance restructuring study that also considers both Clearwater County and the Village of Caroline,” stated a town media release at the time.
By Nov. 17, a steering committee made up of representatives of the three municipalities (comprised of Mayors, Reeve and Councillors) had chosen a consultant to complete the study — Nichols Applied Management from Edmonton.
On Feb. 8, the town announced in a media release that, “The consultant will complete an independent analysis of existing services, agreements and financial and operational information, implement public engagement and develop a recommendations report.”
The municipalities are “participating in a Regional Governance Study to explore the most effective and efficient governance structure to support the region’s growth and long-term prosperity for all citizens.”
They are “committed to searching for common goals and a common vision to best serve the region and citizen input will be an important part of the study process.”
The Feb. 8 release explains, “the three general options being explored for a new governance structure for Caroline, Clearwater County and Rocky Mountain House include:
1) Remain as three separate municipalities with regional cooperation (current structure);
2) Amalgamate all three municipalities into a single municipal government; or
3) Amalgamate Clearwater County and the Village of Caroline and develop regional cooperation agreements with the Town of Rocky Mountain House.”
“In mid-February, residents and stakeholders from the three municipalities will have an opportunity to learn about the preliminary findings from the background review and share their comments and concerns.”
Now, residents can review the process underway and explore the options for new governance structures and provide input.
“More information about the upcoming engagement opportunities, the study and overall process is available on the project website: https://ccrregionalgovernancestudy.ca/”
According to that website, February 2020 will be the time for engagement which includes a live online event, virtual open house, and an online (and paper copy) survey.
Then, governance options will be developed from March to May with a report on recommendations based on engagement.
This will lead to further public engagement in May for feedback on the report to be reviewed by the steering committee.