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MaryAnn Wold

My name is MaryAnn Wold and I am running for councillor for the Village of Caroline.
I have lived in and around the Caroline area for over 50 years and we raised our four children here. They attended Caroline school and had the opportunity to be involved in many sports and school activities. We also have eight grandchildren who attended school in Caroline and have taken advantage of what our small town has to offer. They are all successful, honest, hard-working individuals who thrived in our small community.
I sat on council for the past year and have learned a great deal about the many individuals who volunteer hundreds of hours for the various groups and organizations to make Caroline a great place to live. I also learned that the infrastructure needed to the water mains is very costly and the village is short on reserves.
Amalgamation between the Village of Caroline and Clearwater County is being discussed. I believe it would be a step in the right direction if we can maintain the same small-town atmosphere.
We have great-grandchildren attending Caroline school and I would like them to have the same advantages of growing up in a small-town environment.
Please come out and vote at the Caroline village office on Oct. 18, 2021.