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County recesses public hearing on controversial land use bylaw
By diane spoor
Staff Reporter

Controversial proposed changes and amendments to a land use bylaw in Clearwater County have been put on hold.
A public hearing on the bylaw was scheduled to be held during the regular council meeting on Tuesday, May 12. Due to COVID-19 restrictions the public was not able to attend in person. Anyone wishing to speak for or against the bylaw was to call in. However, due to technical difficulties, the hearing had to be recessed.
The public hearing, and by extension second and third reading of the bylaw, have been tabled until a rescheduled public hearing can take place.
The bylaw was first adopted in 2001. In 2011, following a major review and changes to Clearwater County’s Municipal Development Plan, changes were also made to the County Land Use Bylaw to make both documents consistent.
Over the years staff had made changes to the working document such as unclear or missing definitions, or grammatical or spelling errors. County staff put together a draft document to address some issues raised over the years for council to review.
Those who were able to attend the public hearing via phone expressed several concerns about the proposed changes and amendments. They expressed the most concern over regulations regarding sea-can containers, storage of holiday trailers and the ability to sell food products from hobby farms such as eggs and honey.