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Curling rocks get an upgrade

There is a new look and feel to the curling rocks at the Rocky Curling Club this year thanks to the generous donation by Challand Pipeline.
Earlier this summer all ten sets of rocks were sent to Ontario to be totally refurbished with inserts to make them glide easier, new striking bands to make them livelier when struck and topped with new handles. The total cost for this was just short of $30,000. The refurbished rocks will make a huge difference on how quick the ice will feel and how the rocks will react in the house. An expense such as this would not have been possible without Challand Pipeline paying for the total cost.
At the same time, Challand Pipeline, along with two other businesses, have sponsored one of our junior teams. Their donation will help with entry fees and travel expenses for this team to compete in many different events throughout the province.
The Rocky Curling Club appreciates this support and invites all curlers and fans alike to our opening bonspiel October 26, 27 and 28. Entries can be sent to rockycc1960@gmail.com or call the club at 403-845-2397.