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Public consultation set for community fire halls
By Shaelyn Poteet
Staff Reporter

Clearwater County Council has set tentative dates for public engagement regarding the future of the Condor and Leslieville fire halls.
April 3 and 4, with a backup of April 5 are the dates that council hopes to hear its constituents’ opinions, and possibly tour through the current fire halls in both communities.
“I would expect that we would have a meeting in each community. It would allow those people who didn’t get a chance to attend the first meeting to go to the second, and give both communities the chance to have that communication,” said councillor Cammie Laird. “Having the meetings in the fire halls would speak for itself.”
The meetings follow months of discussion about the fate of the halls, with $2.4 million slated for the project in the county’s 2018 budget. Options include building brand new, complementary fire halls in both communities, or one larger, all-inclusive hall to serve the whole eastern half of the county.