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Mountaineer's Sports Hall of Fame inductee:
boxer Kandi Wyatt

The next inductee into The Mountaineer’s unofficial sports hall of fame made extensive strides during her 15-year amateur boxing career, but she won’t be leaving the ring anytime soon as she’s now working towards a championship title in the pros.
Locally raised Kandi Wyatt most recently competed for the 2019 WBA Super Lightweight title. Despite losing the world championship to Kali Reis on a unanimous judges’ decision, many spectators felt Wyatt earned the win. She’s still training hard and hopes her second chance to compete for the title comes soon. 
Wyatt has a long history with boxing, first showing interest in the sport at the young age of eight. At the time, Wyatt had just moved to Rocky Mountain House from Saskatchewan and her parents enrolled her in the local gymnastics club, which happened to share a building with the Rocky Titans Boxing Club. After seeing the hustle of those sparring in the ring, Wyatt felt compelled to try it herself. 
“There was no wall in between the two facilities, so the boxers could watch the gymnasts and the gymnasts could watch the boxers. I just found myself at gymnastics practice constantly looking over at the boxing gym thinking that it looked like a lot of fun,” Wyatt told The Mountaineer in 2019, two decades after trying on her first pair of gloves. 
Wyatt trained out of Rocky and Rimbey for 10 years before moving to Edmonton in 2010 to advance her training and try to qualify for the 2012 London Olympic Games. London was the inaugural year for women’s boxing events. 
After not qualifying for the Olympics, Wyatt remained an amateur boxer for one more year, and then made her move to the pros in 2014. 
Wyatt earned many titles during her amateur career. She is a 10-time Alberta Provincial Champion, six-time Canadian National Champion, four-time Ringside World Tournament champion, the 2013 Canadian Golden Gloves Champion and the 2010 Continental Champion.
In 2010, Wyatt was also named the Canadian National Team Member, Boxing Canada’s “Rookie of the Year” and Boxing Alberta’s “Female Athlete of the Year.” 
Currently, Wyatt is training with the Calgary Boxing Club with hopes of winning her next title match. CTV News reported that U.S. promoter Di Bella Promotions was interested in offering Wyatt a co-promotional deal following her WBA super lightweight loss. They’d like to give her a push for another world title early in 2021.