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Pipeline expansion is part of massive project

A 48-inch diameter pipeline section is under construction west of Rocky Mountain House as part of the the Nova Gas Transmission Ltd. (NGTL) project.
A loop is being added to the Nordegg (Brewster) section of the Edson Mainline. This means that this portion of the pipeline will have a section (or loop) added parallel and tied in to the existing pipeline for 48.6 kilometres. Reports indicate that work is being done near Jackfish Lake.
“The Brewster Section is part of our Edson Mainline Loop No. 4, which is part of the NGTL System. The Project will provide incremental capacity allowing WCSB gas to compete and capture increased market share and growth and will provide producers the needed ability to diversify their market portfolio within and beyond NGTL intra-basin demand,” stated pipeline owner TC Energy in an email before the projects started. The Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) contains massive deposits of natural gas.
The Brewster section is just one of several loops being added to the pipeline and there are numerous compressor stations being added including a 30 megawatt compressor at the Nordegg compressor station.
The entire project, if all stages are approved, will be worth about $23 billion.
TC Energy urges its contractors to use local resources where possible and encourages the staff to stay at local hotels and venues and Rocky has been busy as a result.