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Junior golfers learn 'target golf'
By Glen Mazza

Don’t try this at home.
CPGA golf professional Rachelle Rundell, who works at Pine Hills Golf Club, said she put on a special padded suit with a target so junior golfers could fire golf balls at her. Still she came away with a few bruises, but it was an entertaining twist to golf instruction for the youngsters.
It was all part of the CN Future Links junior golf program which is just wrapping up for approximately 50 kids. The good news is that there are other junior programs starting Saturday mornings for the month of June and a new session for Saturday mornings in July.
Rundell said the program welcomes kids with some experience along with youngsters who have never picked up a club before. Equipment is also lent out to kids who don’t own clubs. The junior program is for children from five to 13, but lessons are available for teenagers and adults. As well, Rundell can accommodate groups who want to learn together.
The junior program begins at the driving range and practice green. Once the participants learn tee shots, fairway shots, chipping and putting, then the kids get on the course.
Rundell said she brings her brother, Luke, out to help since he is a golf pro as well.
The children learn golf etiquette and get participation points in the Swish Cup. However, manners are stressed and the pros remind kids that etiquette extends beyond the course so there are extra points for good deeds like holding doors open for people.
Pine Hills offers affordable lessons and preferential membership rates for junior golfers. More information is available by phoning the course at 403-845-7400.