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Rec Hockey popular again this year
By Glen Mazza

Recreation hockey in Rocky is blazing its way through another season at Rocky’s Quicklane and Bunch arenas.
The Rocky Trail Blazers Rec Hockey Association has adapted to restrictions under the COVID situation. The group’s president Brad Moser said that the recent two-week sports hiatus which was invoked by the province did not affect our area.
“Recently AHS has sent out enhanced measures and rumours are floating already about hockey and a possible two-week break. Please note that this does not affect us in Rocky Mountain House at all. These are only for Calgary, Edmonton, Ft. McMurray, Grande Prairie, Lethbridge and Red Deer areas,” stated Moser in an online post.
All players use an app before every practice or game to submit their health check to the association and this consists of a series of questions to screen players for potential COVID symptoms. This also allows rec hockey to track cases if someone tests positive.
On the weekend, some of the teams played their first games of the season. However, it currently works like a house league.
The province defines the cohort as a group of players totalling not more than fifty and each sport must create cohort groups. That means that a rec division can have three teams, but not more than 50 players combined — including coaches. The teams can then compete against each other within their division. There are four rec divisions with three teams in each of U8 (eight years old and younger), U11, U14 and U18.
“There is a possibility for a juvenile division next year 19-21,” explained Moser.
He said that being able to continue with a sport like hockey during the pandemic is a boost to the mental wellbeing of players because it brings a little bit of normalcy.
He wants to point out the importance of sponsorship, donations and volunteers.
“That’s the only way we (rec hockey) can survive.”