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Spruce Valley Vaulters compete at Canada Cup event

Spruce Valley Vaulters attended Canada Cup CVI in Chilliwack, B.C., from May 23 to 26.
Coach Becky Marland and lunger Amber Callan made the long haul drive to Chilliwack to bring horse Phoenix. We had five vaulters who competed: Cassidy Johannesson, Melissa Head, Paige Yustak, Brodee Godlonton and Callie Lutz.
This was both Brodee and Callie’s first CVI and they both had great performances.
Friday started the event with Brodee competing in Junior 1 star category, placing sixth.
Callie competed in the Children’s 1 star category and placed third, enabling her to advance to the 2 star category.
On Saturday the 2 star competition began. In Children’s 2 star Paige Yustak placed third and Callie’s first time in 2 star placing sixth. Great performances from each of these vaulters.
The Junior 2 star category was a large group mostly comprised of vaulters trying to qualify for the Junior World Championships later this year. Representing Spruce Valley were Cassidy Johannesson, in 6th place, and Melissa Head placing 16th.
As mentioned previously, lunger Amber Callan and horse Phoenix are also judged in competition, their score included in the whole: Vaulter 75 per cent; Horse and Lunger 25 per cent.
Becky Marland’s coaching and time are priceless. So, without great teamwork from all three in the ring and the coaching we could not have been as successful as we were at this competition.
Although, at this competition, Cassidy Johannesson did not place where she would have liked, she was able to obtain another qualifying score towards Junior World Championships to be held in the Netherlands this July. Each competitor must submit two scores which are then averaged to determine their ranking. Three female vaulters and one male vaulter are sent to represent their country in this Junior World Championship.
Congratulations to all the vaulters, Cassidy Johannesson, Melissa Head, Paige Yustak, Brodee Godlonton, Callie Lutz and their head coach Becky Marland, lunger Amber Callan and Phoenix!