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Barry McQueen

My name is Barry McQueen, and I am asking for your vote on Oct. 18. I am running for the position of councillor for the Town of Rocky Mountain House. My wife Wanda and I moved to Rocky in 2004 and are very proud to call this home. I have two married children, a granddaughter, a married grandson and a great-grandson. I am happy to say that they all reside here except for my daughter and son-in-law who live in Edmonton.
I have been very involved in our community since moving here:
First as a member of the Rocky Lions Club.
Re-charter committee for the Rocky Kinsmen.Co-Chairman for the charter of the West Country Kinettes.
Chairman of the Board for Ignite Rocky and Clearwater County.
Chairman of the Board for West Country Family Service Association.
Without organizations like the ones I have mentioned, our quality of life would not be what we have now. The dollars raised and the services provided by these groups help to keep our taxes low and lessen the burden of our municipal governments. I have said for years that the volunteer base in a community is its greatest strength.
My business background is vast. I have owned several businesses and have seen all the challenges that business owners face. I have experience in retail, real estate, hospitality, insurance and currently I am the Business Manager for Rainbow Ford.
I am running with a focus on business:
We need to attract business.
We need to clean up the vacant lots within the town along Hwy. 11.
We need to offer economic benefits to companies to do business here.
We need to offer incentives to our current business owners, to improve and enhance their companies and we need to work with our neighbours to encourage continued investment in our community.
We need to work closer with our Indigenous neighbours to make them feel a part of this community and for them to invest here. I want to help foster that partnership.
We need to provide our seniors with the resources required to retire comfortably in the community they helped to build.
Communication to the residents is a key factor. Keeping you informed about important decisions concerning our town on issues like the pandemic is vital to a strong and healthy community.
Please vote on Oct. 18. It matters. Vote Barry McQueen.