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Dave Auld

My name is Dave Auld and I would like to introduce myself as one of the candidates running for council in the upcoming municipal election. I have lived and raised my family, as well as own and operate a successful business in Rocky Mountain House for the last 20 years. I truly feel this is a wonderful place to live, work, and play.
Most recently I ran, and was successful, in the 2019 by-election to represent the residents of Rocky on town council. In the short time I have been on council it truly opened my eyes to the difficulties we face as a municipality, but as well seeing the progress we have made is very rewarding. A challenge has definitely been to lead through the COVID pandemic, but if we continue to follow the provincial and AHS mandates, we will get through this with as little disruption as possible. We need to support our local businesses, and not turn our backs on them, regardless of the direction they need to go to keep the doors open.
Items I would like to focus on in the coming term would be business attraction and retention, more collaboration with the county and the province for increased tourism and industry. Rocky is the hub of Clearwater County; we need to continue to work as partners and build on the Stronger Together policy. We need to work with local landowners to develop property to give new business a place to establish themselves.
I will strive to keep budgets in line and continue to be fiscally responsible, while leveraging our provincial government to contribute as much funding as possible to our area. Continue to pressure the provincial government to proceed with the twinning of Hwy. 11 through town to the intersection of 22 and 11, instead of stopping at the south entrance of town.
Homelessness and support for our vulnerable is also a major initiative that we as council need to explore ideas on how to correct.
I have enjoyed the challenges and successes of being a member of council this past term, and I look forward to hopefully representing the businesses and residents again, so I am asking for your vote on the 18th. I would continue to work, be accountable, and always base decisions that are in the best interest for the residents of Rocky Mountain House.
Dave Auld: 1-403-846-7832, dauld@napacanada.com.