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Faith Chamberlain

Hello, my name is Faith Chamberlain and I am excited to be seeking a seat on the Rocky Mountain House town council. I was raised in and around Rocky Mountain House and have been here most of my adult life. I have been married for 26 years and raised my three children here.
Over the years, I have been active in the community in many ways – volunteering for school/band trips and functions, coaching and volunteering for our local Barracuda Swim Club as well as volunteering for Victims Services and the Mountain Rose Women’s Shelter.
I decided to run for town council because I hope my experience and passion for our community can be an asset to residents of Rocky as well as the council.
I am hoping with a seat on the town council I can effect growth, fiscal responsibility and maintain relationships with Clearwater County and neighboring communities. As the largest community in the Clearwater County, I believe it is imperative that we maintain a mutually respectful relationship with each other. I will commit, even in times of disunity, to come to the table and not walk away until a reasonable compromise can be made.
As a small business owner in one of the hardest hit industries I have seen firsthand what affects the pandemic response has had on both owners and staff. In our ever-changing world, I think that municipally we should be protecting our most vulnerable from the virus, while also protecting our less vulnerable from losing their livelihoods through restrictions and lockdowns. We should be encouraging constituents to follow their trusted physicians’ recommendations as well as promoting unity and understanding towards each other in an effort to stop the fracturing of our community.
I believe that municipal government has the unique position to engage and encourage engagement from our constituents. Being the most accessible level of government to the people we have the opportunity, and responsibility to give our residents a clear voice. Although I lack the experience of some of the other candidates, if elected I will work hard, with honesty and integrity, to ensure your voice is heard. Please feel free to contact me at fchamberlain4rmhcouncil@gmail.com or find me on Facebook Faith Chamberlain for Rocky Town Council.