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Jeanette de Boer
Mayoral Candidate

I grew up in Rocky and raised my kids here, Jason and Jillian Enticknap. As a single mom and entrepreneur, my main focus was owning/operating Re/Max Rocky Mountain House. Through my experience in real estate, I learned creative and fair negotiating; win/win or No Deal.
I’m a true student of life. I have taken personal development courses, mediation courses, independent negotiation courses and psychological courses. I was also a member of Toastmasters Calgary for years so my knowledge in Robert’s Rules and impromptu speaking gives me tremendous skills to speak up for you the people.
I returned to Rocky a year ago and was surprised to find my hometown and my country had changed in many ways. There is definite opportunity for growth and expansion in the foundational industries and making Rocky a tourist destination community. I am coming back with seven plus years’ experience in the tourism industry in Mexico.
Common questions I have received are why politics and why Rocky? Over the past 20 years I have experienced a lot and learned even more, not only in Calgary but also in Mexico. It is this exposure that has led me to wanting to be the voice of others and lead. I see this as an opportunity to work for you the PEOPLE.
With regards to my position on budget priorities, I have heard comments on increases in town utilities, property taxes in some areas and payroll increases. These are areas I am committed to investigate and see what can be done to lower their costs plus much more.
My other concern is the municipal pandemic response. I believe in the Canadian Constitution and our Charter of Rights. Freedom of Choice, The Canadian Privacy Act, my body my choice, and how important it is to respect each other’s choices and privacy.
Lastly the plans I hope to implement are: more input from the community through surveys, monthly budget accountability, a stronger and more beneficial relationship between the town and the county, community growth and implement ways to hear from the community.
To connect please email me at jeanette4mayor@gmail.com or through my Facebook Page at Jeanette 4 Mayor Rocky Mountain House.