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Merrin Fraser

I am a busy, community minded mom of four great kids! My husband and I have lived in Rocky for 15 years! I am excited to be seeking re-election to town council. I also work as an outreach teacher and digital-media specialist for a local business. Because of how the municipal process works, multiple perspectives working towards consensus is the key to consistent, balanced, evidence-based policy.
It is important to continually improve communication with the public. Our recent financial report is a great example of ways we are making complex data more accessible to our citizens. I am also active on multiple platforms to help answer questions or clear up misunderstandings. Direct communication with citizens allows them to be more connected with their government, and allows me to have a deeper understanding of their concerns.
I pride myself on being able to look at a problem and find creative solutions. The world around us is changing and we need creative thinkers that are able to problem solve. This term, I am especially proud of the flexibility we built into the new MDP and LUB. This allows our process to be much more responsive to changes in our town going forward.
Research and data are central to my decision-making process. Good, long-term decisions require a balance of thorough understanding of our jurisdictions and powers under the MGA, provincial and federal legislation, and the ability to compare complex information to synthesize a path forward for our community. I approach each decision with a view to find the best solution for our community by exploring evidence-based best practices and how they can work for our town.
A diverse, welcoming community is paramount to attracting new residents and growing our tax-base. Many tech workers have permanently switched to WFH and are looking for places to settle their families away from the cities. We have made strides forward this term encouraging diversity. As our community grows, it is important that is a welcoming, safe place for all residents.
This term we have worked to find efficiencies. Our annual service level review allows us to look at the cost of service-to-benefit ratios, legislative requirements and updates to best practice or technology to decrease cost or increase efficiency. This level of close financial study has resulted in three consecutive years of zero per cent tax increases.