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Michelle Narang

When I originally ran – first in a by-election and then successfully in the last general election, my only goal was to be a part of moving our community forward – I really didn’t understand the job, I just knew I wanted to be at the table. I had fallen in love with Rocky Mountain House and prided myself on being a committed community builder, and still do!
After four years on council, I’m truly humbled by the job and all it entails (I didn’t know what I didn’t know!) and I don’t feel as though my work is done. This council has tackled so much – and I’m so very proud. I am committed to furthering the efforts to build a strong reputation for our community as a leader in diversity and inclusion as well as environmental sustainability. These values and initiatives attract industry and give resource-based industries assurance that when they do business in Rocky Mountain House, their values are intact.
I’m also very much looking forward to continuing the momentum of various community-based projects, such as seeing a pump track come to fruition. We need progressive thinkers that can dig into the complicated social and long-term economic impacts of each decision. As well, we need to be able to understand how our policies and decisions look to the outside – leaders MUST look beyond themselves in order to make good choices. This is how we build communities.
Residents must elect representatives that are willing to see all sides and consider all information – no one should show up to a council meeting with their mind made up.
My work in health care, specifically in providing services to seniors in our community, certainly gives me unique perspective – I have strong connections with both youth and seniors in our community and I am very sensitive to the needs of our most vulnerable populations and to those we hope will decide to make a home here and raise a family.
I have a degree in Women’s Studies with a focus on Native North America from the University of Calgary and I am currently working on my Indigenous Community Industry Relations certificate from the Yellowhead Tribal College. I have been the Executive Director at West Country Family Service Association for over 11 years.
I chose Rocky Mountain House as the place I wanted to raise my family – and I’m very pleased that I did.