The Mountaineer - Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada
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Ralph Herzog

My wife, Franziska and I have been residents of beautiful Rocky Mountain House since 2016. I am a technical professional with extensive knowledge on the job and life. I bring 30 years of management experience both as an employee and entrepreneur. My professional background has provided me with a solid knowledge of parks and recreation, planning and development, construction, health and safety, and ecotourism.
As a blue-collar candidate I share the political views of conservatives. I offer an open world view and sound experience derived from my extensive education and training. Military service has equipped me with the ability to converse and work with a wide range of people from all walks of life.
I am a prior employee of the Town of Rocky Mountain House, where I spent four and a half years gaining experience and a sound understanding of town operations. The gained experience prepared me to become a suitable councillor candidate for the town. I believe it’s time to bring spending back to reasonable levels with a constructive recovery plan.
The sustainability of existing and new projects combined with balanced budgets is important to sustain modest tax rates, while continuing to develop our infrastructure going forward. It is also important to me to ensure residents have good education, and a clean, healthy environment. At the same time, I believe small businesses and the diversified nature of our local culture should have the support they deserve.
The Town of Rocky Mountain House and Clearwater County clearly offer opportunities for tourism and various outdoor activities, and I believe I can contribute to the promotion of both the town and the county. In addition to tourism, I believe in promoting clean energy technology, farming, and forestry.
My vision is to create job opportunities for all our residents with an emphasis on future generations; to allow people to gain the experience they need to make a good living locally and to have a great life here.
As an open-minded person, I am willing to learn and adapt to new challenges and I’m not afraid to seek help when necessary. I consider my main strengths to be my integrity, honesty, transparency and humility.
As an outdoor enthusiast, I enjoy everything nature has to offer in Clearwater County.
In all my endeavours, I will dedicate myself to go the extra mile in service of the public.