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Tina Hutchinson

I’m Tina Hutchinson, and I am seeking election for town councillor. My business experience includes operating an oilfield construction supervision company with my spouse, and two former successful local businesses, Aztec Downhole Services and The Sandwich Hutch. Working in diverse economic areas has given me a wide range of experience in business plan development, accounting, budget development and execution, expenditures, cash flow, human resources, customer service, and time and team management.
My work as one of the board of directors for the 2019 Alberta Masters Games inspired me to run for this position. To see the execution of an event of this magnitude hosted by our town and county inspired me to see the potential our municipalities can create when working together.
In preparing myself to take on this position, I have spent many hours over the past few years, watching our town council meetings, reading agendas and minutes, and reviewing policies and bylaws to build on my character to represent our town with a strong voice. I would describe myself as practical, approachable, emotionally mature, and have a down-to-earth personality.
My policy priority is economic development. The Economic Development Strategy was presented to council early this year, and it identifies with many of the concerns I have heard from our community: job creation, vacancies of buildings and land on Main Street and in the industrial and commercial areas, tourism, population decline, and keeping businesses open or streamlining the process to expand. This strategy needs to be developed into a plan and executed in a timely manner to strengthen the economic development of our community.
My budget priority would be exploring ways to increase our tax revenue from non-residential properties and capital items to create a more balanced revenue stream and possibly decrease residential taxes and improve on quality of life. With the roadwork complete for the access to the North Saskatchewan River Park, I think emphasis needs to put into the revisiting and implementation of the plan for the development of the park. This would be an asset for both the town and county and needs to be looked at with all stakeholders to provide a facility that has been underutilized in the past.
Please feel free to contact me at thuch2@shaw.ca or find me on Facebook Tina Hutchinson for Rocky Mountain House Town Councillor.