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Glen Waskewitch

I was born in Lloydminster, Sask., and raised on the Onion Lake Cree Nation.
I left home at an early age. I lived out in the Nordegg area with family for awhile and met my wife Mary Crawler from the Bighorn Reserve. We started a family at a young age, and we have been together for 45 years.
We have six children (four boys and two girls) and blessed with many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
I have a policing background and was an Education Assistant for 14 years in Bighorn until being seconded by NIAT into a Program manager. I was also part of a partnership with two other First Nations around 2007 in providing Training to Employment programs, which in turn lead me to other partnerships. I am at present a partner with Project Safe Canada out of Edmonton (projectsafecanada.ca) and we provide Training in Security and Drones just to mention a couple to Indigenous communities across Alberta.
I’ve also been involved and still am with the local Âsokêwin Friendship Centre for several years and currently I’m the president of the local centre.
The decision to run for town council was a very difficult decision to make. Over the years I’ve seen Rocky grow from a small bustling community into a large residential community. What is needed is to attract more small businesses to take root within our downtown area. We have neighbouring communities investing into areas other than Rocky, hence partnerships need to be formed with our neighbouring municipalities, Clearwater County and last, but not least, the three First Nations.
Rocky is home not only to me and my family, it’s home to many people, hence it’s a very diverse community and I hope with my input I can help with the revitalization of downtown and with building strong partnerships that will keep a progressive move forward for the town of Rocky and surrounding communities.
Lastly with the pandemic, everyone has been greatly impacted and the topic most days is how I feel about what government is doing, is it wrong?
My thoughts are as follows: I feel government feels they are doing the right thing to protect its citizens, but at the same time it’s going against our freedom of choice. I, for one, needed the direction set out by government. It was my choice to follow their recommendations.
It all boils down to how each individual feels for their fellow man/woman. I value life, so, I use precaution and due to respect of my fellow beings.
We all have a choice, if a mask is required to enter a business, I will wear one and if not, then I may or may not — once again it’s a choice and we should be allowed to have that and not forced on us.
In the end, it’s having respect for each other.